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Study and Employment
Field of Research and Special Research interests
List of Publications and some newer Publications
Scientific CV (PDF)

Study and Employment :

September 2010 - March 2018: ANSYS Germany GmbH
ANSYS Fluid Solver Validation Manager
Staudenfeldweg 20
D-83624 Otterfing, Germany
Internet: http://www.ansys.com
März 2003 - August 2010 : ANSYS Germany GmbH
Head of Funded CFX Software Development Group
Staudenfeldweg 12
D-83624 Otterfing, Germany
Internet: http://www.ansys.com/products/cfx.asp

January 2003 - February 2003 : AEA Technology GmbH, CFX-Germany
Computational Fluid Dynamics CFX Development
Staudenfeldweg 12
D-83624 Otterfing, Germany
Tel.: +49-8024-9054-776
Fax: +49-8024-9054-417
Email: Thomas.Frank@ansys.com
Internet: http://www.ansys-germany.com

January 1996 - December 2002 : TUC - Chemnitz University of Technology
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Process Technology
Department of Technical Thermodynamics
Head of the Research Group on Multiphase Flows / SFB-393, Project D2
Reichenhainer Str. 70, 09107 Chemnitz, Germany
Email: DrTh.Frank@arcor.de
January 1992 - December 1995 : Research Group on Multiphase Flows
Scientist Integration Program (WIP/HEP)
Chemnitz, Germany
September 1986 - December 1991 : Institute of Mechanics, Academy of Science
Department on Rheology and Multiphase Flows
Karl-Marx-Stadt, G.D.R.
August 1981 - September 1986 : 5 years study in Theoretical Mechanics / Fluid Mechanics
at the Moscow State University "M.W. Lomonossow"
Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
Moscow, USSR
Internet: http://www.msu.ru/english/

Field of Research :

Verification & Validation (V&V) of all ANSYS CFD solvers : ANSYS CFX, ANSYS Fluent, AIM Fluids, FORTE, FENSAP-ICE, Polyflow, Discovery Live; Quality Assurance (QA) in CFD solver development
Fluid Mechanics
Mechanical Engineering and Process Technology
Numerical Simulation of Fluid and disperse Multiphase Flows (Eulerian two-phase flow modelling and Lagrangian particle tracking)
High Performance and Parallel / Cluster Computing in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Special Research Interests :

Development and implementation of advanced multiphase flow models in CFX-5.6 bis CFX-19.0; population balance models (MUSIG - multiple size group model); Modeling and simulation of boiling flows from forced convection nucleate subcooled boiling up to flow regimes close to critical heat flux (CHF) conditions; Validation of multiphase flow models in reactor safety applications
Scale-Resolving Turbulence Model Simulations (SRS), Large Eddy Simulations as well as hybrid model simulations, e.g. SAS, SBES, DDES, LES
Investigation of effective parallelization of the Eulerian-Lagrangian approache for numerical prediction of disperse multiphase flows on MIMD parallel computing architectures - part of the Collaborative Research Centre 393 (DFG-SFB 393/D2)
Cooperation with Prof. Dr. M. Peric from the Department of Ship Building at the University Hamburg in the field of further development and extension of the block-structured Navier-Stokes solver MISTRAL-2D/3D including full multigrid solving scheme, parallelization and application to disperse multiphase flows
Development of a fully parallelized Lagrange- / PSI-Cell-Solver for numerical simulation of disperse multiphase flows (gas-particle flows) in complex 2- and 3-dimensional geometries by application of a dynamic domain decomposition (DDD) method with optimized load balancing
Investigation of disperse multiphase flows with strong phase interation (phase coupling) due to the exchange of mass, momentum and energy between phases
Development of non-steady Eulerian-Lagrangian approach for numerical prediction of unsteady particle laden fluid flows in complex 3d geometries. Parallelization for the simultanous particle tracking algorithm with synchronized Eulerian and Lagrangian time steps.

Some newer or more important publications :

Most Recent Publications
Most recent publications you will find on my publications list.

Frank Th.:
"Parallele Algorithmen für die numerische Simulation dreidimensionaler, disperser Mehrphasenströmungen und deren Anwendung in der Verfahrenstechnik"
engl.: "Parallel algorithms for the numerical simulation of 3-dimensional disperse multiphase flows and theire application in process technology"
Contents (in german language)
Summary (in german language)
Submitted and accepted for venia legendi (Habilitation, university lecture qualification) in the field of fluid mechanics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Process Technoly, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
Submitted : October 2001, Defensed : 21. June 2002
17 Tables, 126 Figures, 356 Pages, 613 references
Shaker Verlag, Aachen, July 2002
ISBN : 3-8322-0532-2
Listed also in the Multimedia ONline ARchiv CHemnitz (MONARCH)
The Thesis can be ordered under the ISBN number cited above from the publisher Shaker Verlag, Aachen, from Amazon or localy in good scientific book stores.
Th. Frank, F. Menter :
"Validation of URANS and Stress-Blended Eddy Simulations (SBES) in ANSYS CFD for the Turbulent Mixing of Two Parallel Planar Water Jets Impinging on a Stationary Pool"
Proceedings of the ASME 2017 Verification and Validation Symposium, May 3-5, 2017, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Paper No. VVS2017-4047, 47 slides.
Th. Frank, Amine Ben Hhadj Ali, Conxita Lifante, Florian Kaiser, Stephan Gabriel, Henning Eickenbusch :
"Modeling of Wall-boiling Phenomena from Nucleate Subcooled Boiling up to CHF Conditions"
13. ERCOFTAC Technologietag, ERCOFTAC Pilotzentren Deutschland Süd und Nord, Internationales Begegnungszentrum "Eulenhof" der Universität Stuttgart, Germany, 30. November 2017, 46 slides.
ERCOFTAC = European Research Community on Flow,Turbulence and Combustion
Th. Frank, T. Wittmann, D. Langmeyer:
"Investigation of the Hydraulic Flip Phenomenon for Diesel Fuel Cavitation in a Planar Injection Nozzle"
13th Joint HZDR & ANSYS Conference "Multiphase Flows: Simulation, Experiment and Application"
Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany, 24.-26. November 2015, 27 slides.
Ch. Kasprzyk, Th. Frank, F. Menter, B. Vogt, Th. Scherer :
"LES Simulation of Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer in Cavities of a Heat Sink"
ANSYS Conference & 32. CADFEM Users Meeting
NCC Ost, Nürnberg Messe, Germany, 04.-06. June 2014, 22 slides.
C. Lifante, Th. Frank:
Abschlussbericht zum Forschungsvorhaben "Modellierung, Simulation und Experimente zu Siedevorgängen in Druckwasserreaktoren"
Reaktorsicherheitsforschung-Vorhaben-Nr. 02NUK010G
ANSYS Germany GmbH, Otterfing, Germany
ANSYS Report TR-13-01, pp. 1-139, Januar 2013.
E. Krepper, R. Rzehak, C. Lifante, Th. Frank :
"CFD for subcooled flow boiling: Coupling wall boiling and population balance models"
Int. J. Nuclear Engineering and Design (NED), Volume 255, Pages 330-346 (2013)
E. Krepper, R. Rzehak, C. Lifante, Th. Frank :
"CFD-modelling of subcooled boiling"
Kerntechnik 2013, Vol. 78, Issue 01, Pages 43-49 (2013).
C. Lifante, B. Krull, Th. Frank, R. Franz, U. Hampel :
"CFD-Modeling of turbulent flows in rod bundle and comparison to experiments"
Kerntechnik 2013, Vol. 78, Issue 01, Pages 68-71 (2013).
Th. Lehnhäuser, Th. Frank, M. Wilson, D. Clifton, S. Angadi, S. Bhide, C. Guetari, A. Adhiya :
"A SPDM Solution for Globally Sharing Information"
SPDM International Conference at NAFEMS World Congress, Salzburg, Austria, 9.-12. Juni 2013.
Th. Frank :
"Database of ANSYS Fluid Solver Verification & Validation Tests based on ANSYS EKM"
ANSYS Conference & 31. CADFEM Users Meeting
Rosengarten Kongresszentrum, Mannheim, 19.-21. Juni 2013, 26 slides.
Ch. Kasprzyk, Th. Frank, G. Zschaeck :
"Investigation of the MiniPanda Benchmark using ANSYS CFD"
ANSYS Conference & 31. CADFEM Users Meeting
Rosengarten Kongresszentrum, Mannheim, 19.-21. Juni 2013, 26 slides.

Other Working Areas :

Vacation activities :
Alpinism, Mountaineering, Digital and Panorama Photography,...
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